"Great guided experience!  A must have for beginning fly fisherman or a pro who needs access to all the good spots on over all waters!  Book now its completely worth the experience!" -Kevin B.

"I would highly recommend Ryan for any of your fly fishing adventures!  Ryan goes out of his way to make sure every customer has an enjoyable day whether its on the river or in the classroom you are guaranteed a good time.  Wan't to try some night fishing?  Ryan's your go to guy.  Check him out, you won't be disappointed!" -Pat J. MSA Insurance Co.

"5 star with everybody claiming to be guide these days Ryan has the right attitude toward the sport, the angler, the source and the fly fishing experience.  If you want to have a good time on the water and learn what it's all about Ryan is your guide." -Sugar River Fly Fishing

"What makes Ryan different from other guides with his knowledge of the food that these trout pursue and how he puts you on fish.  Ryan was a great guide for corporate clients brand new to the sport as well as some seasoned fisher-folk.  Highly recommended!"-Shaun W.

"Ryan lives and breathes trout fishing. I think he may have gills instead of lungs. I'm no slob when it comes to this calling, but I wish I could read water like Ryan. He's also a gentleman." -Marshall Hall

"Ryan is extremely enthusiastic about fly tying and fishing. His enthusiasm is catching.  I've seen him teach veterans for several years and he gets them to forget their disability.  They are willing to take a chance learning a new skill.  I have seen Ryan give talks on entomology with authority.  No one I  know of has more bugs in a bottle.  Don't let his mountain man appearance fool you. This is a kind and gentle guy and a good teacher."- Michael Young